Early diagnosis

Mammi may detect small tumors,
earlier than any other technique.

Discover Mammi breast PET

cancer treatment

Mammi may predict early response
to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy treatment.

Discover Mammi breast PET

Clear images,
accurate diagnosis

Mammi is the best solution
to clear your mind.

Discover Mammi breast PET

Reduced / low
radiation exposure

Mammi uses a low radiotracer dose
(4 mCi)

Discover Mammi breast PET

The patient-friendly
breast PET

Mammi is a safe and less invasive
technique without breast compression.

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About Mammi

Mammi is a dedicated breast PET. PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is a non-invasive imaging technique, which generates functional images to see what really matters: the breast tissue metabolism. Malignant tissue metabolism is greatly elevated in most breast cancers.

Mammi obtains functional breast images, where most other breast imaging techniques (e.g. mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound) provide morphological images.

Mammi’s high resolution (down to 1.6 mm), allows visualizing of small tumors which is essential in early stage diagnosis of breast cancer. Also, Mammi is a very useful technique for the oncologist to measure the response of the tumor to neo-adjuvant or adjuvant therapy, offering the possibility to adjust the therapy at an early timepoint.